Postcards From Hampton Roads:NN City Park

Postcards from Hampton Roads:NN City ParknThe second largets municipal park int he nation has eight thousand acres of opportunity for fun, fitness and fresh air.
have learned to read anything at any time. — learn to eat anything at any time. it was a local fire fighter suggested today is a postcard from hampton roads. >> it is not hard to see why this location was nominated as a postcard from hampton roads. i am here with jeremiah santiago and you said that newport news city park is one of your favorite spots in hampton roads. what you like so much about this area? — what do you like so much about this area? >> you can get away from the traffic. you can get lost for a few hours. you can run, jog, walk, whenever you want to do. with the animals and the plant life. >> what about your history? >> for a lot of people, they have a strong interest in american history. you can go through all these different trails and you can end up — especially right here, you can end up by george washington’s headquarters. you’re really going back in time. >> you c



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