Postal Carrier Food Drive

Postal Carrier Food Drive
nice to come in today. all right we’d like to welcome in brian bart with the food bank and thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> it will be a big weekend and i knee omaha always supports you what is this saturday about? >> it is the food drive. letter carriers recommend that you leave food and they’ll pick it up. >> let’s talk about some ideal things that you under need of at the food bank. >> absolutely. what we’ve done is?รง an intensive look and analysis of what food goes out our doors the most and what we need the most and what foods we are actually buying at the food bank. number one — mac and cheese. this is something we desperately need. also canned tuna. tuna, chick season another thing that we need. >> another mileage food. >> absolutely. >> peanut butter. this is something else that we need. peanut butter. green beans. canned green beans. canned meat. something



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