Positively Tampa Bay: Women On The Way

PTB: Women on the Way Scholarship Program High Tea and Fashion Charity Benefit
>>> good afternoon, everybody, i’m lissette campos, community affairs director with your positivity tampa bay. the clearwater women’s club is making a difference in the lives of local families by the way of the women on the way scholarship program. it helps single mom in particular get back to school. joining us in the studio are tammy harkins, club president, and malia mcmahon necessary, a scholarship recipient. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> tammy, tell our viewers how the program works. >> we get to pick women that fill out their applications for the school, single moms trying to go back to school. we like to pick one that maybe are taking a course in education or nursing so they can give back to the community later on. our goal is to try to raise money for at least eight scholarship recipients this year. and we’re going to do that by having a big fashion show and luncheon



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