Positively Tampa Bay: Message Sent To Troops

Operation feeding freedom fed a total of 38,000 troops.
>> good afternoon, everybody, i’m lissette campos with your tampa bay. it’s a tray tradition to bring you holiday message from troops overseas. we show the video clips throughout the month of december. they’re 30 second soundbites and sent to us from troops around the world with ties to the tampa bay area. today, wwant to introduce you to a team of folks who took their message of hope to the troopsover seas. we welcome to our studios the team from osi restaurant partners, known as the outback. we have brian pool, national director of training, david alvarado, vice president of the company and in the center, shannon black, with the marketing team. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> it was a life-changing experience, operation feeding freedom where you visited the troops. ladies first. shannon, describe the trip and what it was like. >> well, the trip was



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