Positively Tampa Bay: Cookielicious

St. Pete Times Food Critic is delighting readers nationwide with her hit recipe book “Cookielicious”!
>>> good afternoon, community affairs director with positively tampa bay. for ten years st. pete time foods editor has been flooded with recipes for cookies. to to date she has receive 5d thousand recipes. joining with us more is the cookie woman. janet keeler. >> hello. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> you put the cookies together made a book. now we have toed a published author to the list of credentials. congrats. >> thank you. >> how fun to get the reciped from the readers. >> it has been wonderful, they let you in their family and the recipe boxes. that’s been fun. >> you say some of the recipes have come in e-mails, others cards, notes, do you get them with stains on them. >> at the start, we sort of say don’t send the originals with the volume it is hard to send them back. people are done with them they say keep them. i love to get that with the smudges. they are well



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