Portuguese Style Baked Codfish

We’re cooking Portuguese Style Baked Codfish with Casual Inn Restaurant.
court. let’s head over to theto kitchen right now withgh lilyw . >> we are already talking about the menu and i’m not going to go too far into it, because patrick is going to talk to you about your m enu at the casual inn. i would like toli talk to you about what we’re taking. >> portuguese cod pgu fish. >> tell me some of the softh ingredients. >> green olives, parsley, hot pepper, salad, bayay leaves,s, tomatoto paste, charisse,is tomatoes sand onions. pan baked and sauteedba for an hour. >> are you the chef at the casual inn. >> yes. .>> this is as family restaurant, r right? >> yes. >> >> who else works e there? >> my m daughter, my could youtey say en, my — my cousin, my sister works there.s e. >> somebody had your portuguese p cod fish and said you have to go into business. to >> actually, iua started in my in-laws restaurant, i started working thereth of before i was i married, i



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