Portuguese Stuffing

We’re cooking Portuguese Stuffing with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
that. >> and on your birthday. we’re going to head to the kitchen. tc vince is in there. th what’s cooking in there. >> first, i’ve got to talk aboutbo grandma ma flashback there. oh, man. that was awesome. >> that was. >> but you know what, i’m a little hurt.tt everybody else is cool and hip and i’m serious.ri >> no, because you’re such a good news man,ew t hat iha just — >> i can’t yeah, yeah, yeah. listen, — i’vee got the hip waders on. take it easy now. listen, we’re in the kitchen here with our favorite guys, john granata from camille’s and tv maitre d’, joe zito. we have a lot of slotuff going on here and with turkey day fastly approaching, john, you’reinoh going to cook us up stuffing. >> right. we’re tired of the same old stuffing, we d on’t have to do that today. we’re going to do a couple of differ ent stuffings, we’reff goie’ngng to mak e portugueseto stuffing,ng with choric



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