Pork Sandwich From Lake Street Cafe

sandwich from lake street cafe
going makes the grilled pork sandwich we start are a grilled boneless pork chop, pork tender, whatever want to use. what we do is we, um, we drudge it is in soy sauce and cook it on the grill. then we put it, i have one of our homemade pita breads warming on the gril. you can do that in a toaster, on the sandwich grill. what we’ll do is we’l add the pork tenders and we are going to add some home made. it is red and yelow peppers, red cabage then we’ll add the sesame vinegarrette. you put a little bit of ginger, garlic, sesame oil, lime juice, and can’t til all the ingredients you need to come here to lake street to find out what exactly is in the sauce. we’ll put that on top of our pork sandwich. then we’ll add a little bit of jalapeno myor, just for a kick. what we do is we take jalapenos, we roast them in the oven, and add them to the mayor with a little bit of salt-and-pepper. we put



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