Pork Roast With Fruit

Amity Club of New Haven is cooking up a Pork Roast with Fruit
community it’s friendship and 3 it’s friendship and community outreach that is the backbone ofne the amity club of new haven….and as part of their p 75th anniversary the club has compiled a cookbook filled with recipes handed down from generations…that is truly a tribute to their italian heritage..joing me now is pat pascale and gennaro di -gennaro from the amity club… welcome….the club was formed rmin 1936..byin american italian businessmen where does the name come fromth?how many members?amity ub gave rise av to the amity charitable ha trust….what are you 3 teaching us today? let’s get start ted….whatte’s really ‘s interesting about the cookbook e is that in the bacisk it has a lot of useful lo information….like what to n. stock your information..like has a lot of useful information….like what to stock your pantry with…even how to fold a if you want this recipe…just



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