Pork Producers

Jane from the Pork Producers talks about the nutrition aspects of pork and some recipes to make great meals.
>> we all know the slogin the other white meat but what do you really know about pork? >> yes, jane joins us today. thanks for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> first of all let’s talk about what makes pork so great when it comes to nutrition? >> i think people would be surprised to know that pork is very lean. in fact the pork tenderloin is it’llly as lean as a skinless chicken breast. it has the equivalent amount of fat. it has fewer calories less cholesterol. >> and people echicken breast as an alternative. it is a great alternative to switch it up a little bit. >> yes, alternatively it fits in there and we have pork in there and it fits between the chicken breast and thigh and can help to reduce that cholesterol and our engineers have changed genetically. they’ve clanged the way they feed their animals. genetics are different a completely different animal than it was



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