Porcini Risotto

We’re cooking up some Porcini Risotto with Camille’s Restaurant.
now, they’re about tboo make some risotto. >> you’ve got that right, ig immediately my left here, you know this guy,hi the chef at camille’s, john granata and of course, tv’s maitre d’, joe cieto. >> happy autumn. >> i’m looking the pocket squares, looking very nice you on. >> my>> little tribute to deanea martin.in ?? >> all right, guys. what are we w making? >> we’re making a risotto withis dry porcinni mushrooms. >> the se are dry.se >> they’re freeze dried,. what you want towh do with these is a half-hour before you start anything, you can either use stock or hot water andat we reconstitute them. >> meaning what? >> you’re going to bring the life back to them. >> like me. >> i actually do this for joe oe every morning. >> exactly. and i have to reconstitute at my age and i do and you fill them up and weighupt them down and let that sit and later on when we w come back, you’ll see the



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