Popular Organics

Organic versus Non-organic? What do you prefer? Why many shoppers are now buying more organic foods to eat.
the details. pkg nat: register for many, skimping, saving and cutting corners became a way of life during the recession .. but, obviously, not always on what they ate. nat: shoppers organic food sales rang up another increase last year…8% over the year before… with some sectors of the organic market up more than 30-percent. despite the fact that people are watching their budget, a trade group’s research shows they’re also continuing to spend on organic versus non-organic. s/ regina lewis – aol consumer advisor :29 – :37 “and i think that speaks to the fact that people say ‘i’m willing to compromise on a lot of things.’ and it’s a trade off, maybe they’ve put back a 12 pack of soda, and they spring for the organic chicken” nat: chickens at free-range farm for sure, sales of free range, no antibiotic, no hormone, organic chicken.. and beef… have to be included in the conversation. sa



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