Popular El Milagrito Cafe Dinged For Their Barbacoa Storage

The cafe has been praised by Texas Monthly and the San Antonio Current, but gets a bad review from the health department.
a local cafe that has been praised by texas monthly and the san antonio current gets a bad review from the health department. so what was the problem? news 4 woai trouble shooter jaie avila has tonight’s kitchen cops report. jaie avila: “el milagrito cafe in the five-hundred block of east woodlawn has been a fixture in this neighborhood for 41 years. but their latest health inspection shows that even old favorites have to stay on top of safety issues like hand washing and keeping food warm enough. let’s go see what they’ve done about the violations.” (—) el milagrito was given 39 demerits. their signiture dish, barbacoa, wasn’t being kept hot enough. warm foods need to stay at least 135 degrees. and employees weren’t washing their hands often enough between tasks. i was greeted by amador montoya, whose family runs the restaurant. he says all the violations were corrected the next day.



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