Popular East Coast Eatery Calico Jack’s Cantina Opens In The

New tex-mex restaurant opens at WestGate
what do you say we get to it. >>> this is an east coast favorite in the valley. photo journalist cory takes us to cal cojack for flavors topped with one heck of a good time. ?[ music ]? >> out in new york city, approximately 1999. what they wanted to do, they wanted to bring a can tina style basically border townish idea to the east coast. i had the opportunity to come to glendale. thought what a great idea to bring that can tina, beach, border town party feel to the west side. unique. fine ding style in casual atmosphere. people come in, have margaritas, have a great happy hour, sit down at formal dinner, have a bottle of wine, traditional wine service. pair it at 10:00 at night and get crazy with the girls, guys night out, perfect place to hang out. one thing we are big on, i am big on fresh, fun ingredients. i love everything. we are working close with farmers, trying to get from farm



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