Try this delicious popcorn!
>> and welcome back to the morning blend. did you know that most of the world’s popcorn is made right here in the midwest? but not all kernels are alike. ey come in different shapes, sizes and flavor. >> joining us is a man who really loves popcorn, wayne is the owner of fireworks popcorn. welcome! >> thank you. >> smells so good. >> that’s the best thing about popcorn. it sells itself. >> we give everybody who comes in a free bag of popcorn. best thing to sell your product. our popcorn is different from what you’re used to. if you go to a movie theater, you see the big pops, big seeds. ours are not. they’re very small. this is the way popcorn was grown 100 years ago. oral readen backer came along and said i can make a better popcorn, and crossed the field with — they got great pops but took away the taste, field corn, what you feed coys, it’s — cows, it’s much stronger. and you you ge



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