Pollo Tropical / New Look Unveiled

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you can see it, smel it, taste it and experience it at 4:0. >> i happened to see it at one of our other locations. we are looking at what’s being done, wine, beer, happy hour at pollo tropical. look at that. >> yeah, that’s the polo lisa. you mentioned the wine which is important because starting today we are ofering our signature sangria and complete wine and beer list and between 4:0 and 7:00 it is a dollar off and sangria pitchers $5. >> your food is a work of art. when i was at another re-done location i saw table service. >> table service. come up and place your order on the counter. instead of sitting and waiting for the food go find your table, get yourself comfortable and somebody will bring it out to you. we also have, in addition to this complete wine list — >> she is excited about this. >> real plates and silverware. not the plastic! exciting stuf. >> it does make a differenc



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