Pollo Tropical / National Chicken Lover’s Day

Pollo Tropicalnwww.pollotropical.comnNational Chicken Lover’s Day Wednesday Sept. 15th….Pollo Tropical tells you how you can get free 1/4 chicken meal…..CLUCK-CLUCK-CLUCK! Watch the segment to learn more!
If you look at your calendar, today is wednesday, september 15 but more than that, it is national chicken lovers day. At pollo tropical and if you dress in yelow from head- head-to-toe, give it your best shot and go to the cash register between 2:00 and 7:00 this afternoon and you. [crowing] you get a free meal.nnEven if less animated, wear the yellow, go to a pollo tropical location and maybe give them a little cluck, cluck, a full free meal. In this economy, who can pete that?nnSo you don’t have to go owl ought and show chicken-performing skills?nnNo, we have our lovely christina.nnShe is our intern. Come on in.nnShe has really outdone herself. She has the yellow dress, beautiful mask, wear some yelow pants. Go in the bottom of your drawer and get the yellow socks and shirt. The kids get a quarter chicken dinner with one side. Go to the register an cluck.nnChristina, you can fly over t



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