Pollo Tropical / Catering For The Super Bowl

www.PolloTropical.comnCatering Hotline: 1866-769-POYO (7696)nnBorn in a Caribbean kitchen with a Latin accent in the melting pot of Miami, the Pollo Tropical signature citrus marinated, tropical-spiced grilled chicken (Pollo in Spanish) created its namesake. People came from all over just to get a taste of the Pollo. Today, that same recipe is being grilled fresh and served fast to about 20 million loyal Pollo Tropical fans at more than 120 restaurants in six countries. There’s no mistaking the taste, the freshness and the flavor of Pollo Tropical.
ready for the big game with grilled tropical wings served with a couple of sizzling sauces like pineapple rum. >> yes. >> and spicey amazon. speaking of spicey, jeanette lopez shepherd is right here, first time on “the morning blend.” welcome to the blend. >> thank you. >> glad to have you. especially glad to have this spread of food that you have cread from pollo tropical for the big game. tell us what you brought here. >> right here we have griled tropical wings which are better for you only because they will grilled. they are lightly spiced. as you said they come with two of our great sauces for them. we have our pineapple rum sauce which is for the sweet tooth. >> all right. >> we have the spicey amazon sauce which is spicey. >> oh, yeah. >> and we also have other caters options such as our wrap platters. >> the wraps, you even have a chicken caesar salad wrap? >> yes. >> a chicken c



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