Pollo Toscana

Pollo Toscana
say about all of our hot topics. >> we are back in the kitchen. we have to be adjustable. we were making a chicken dish for cinco de mayo we have a different dish. >> i am saying it correctly. steve is back with us. he has two restaurants in s uffolk. primo 116. today we are making a chicken dish. people are tired of making the same old thing. >> we have some chicken breast i cut into small medallions. we have some sausage that i have hit already cooked. parsley, sweet cherry peppers, artichoke hearts. correct those confuse me. i thought it was a mushroom. >> mushrooms, onion, salt and pepper, garlic, and some veal. >> it is a one-pot dish. >> we drop the chicken into the flour and the hot olive oil. i start with salt and pepper on the chicken. >> aiken drag it into the flour and put it — i can drag it into the flour and put it in. >> i think you can handle doing this chicken. >> why do



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