Poached Salmon Fillet

We’re cooking Poached Salmon Fillet in a Bailey’s agave reduction, fluffy white mashed potatoes with leeks and cabbage with The Windward Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Newport.
everything under control there in the kitchen. it what have you got, buddy? >> we have food. i haveha chef martin quinn from the windward restaurant. st how are you? >> very good. >> we are making some sort of fancy dancyan salmon. tell us the name of it. >> we have a poached salmon fillet, i’mm going to put pink pepper corns on it before i sear is in a pan and anii have a court ball i don’t know, i have marsella wine, apple cider and stevia, which is awh sweetness and creamy mashed potatoes with cauliflower and leeks, andnd garlic and herb butter. >> this sounds fantastic. a lot of ingr edientlos will be going into this salmon to make it super duper. you ca n get it on line, foxprovidence.com. >> i did forget onerg thing. i have a bailie’ss irish cream agave glaze going on top of the t salmon. >> guess what, you just sold me, baby. i’ll spend $30 for0 it. >> last week, we told you about



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