Poached Salmon

salmon recipe from eagle waters
one of my favorite dishes, poached salmon. it’s i’ve got an eight-ounce salmon filet i’m going to season up with a litle salt and pepperment i’m going to poach it in some dry white wine. i’m using chardonnay, but any dry white wine will do. put this filet in like that. and i have this handy poaching cap we’ll stick over the top so that the steam from the wine can cook the fish. and now it’s going to go in the oven for a couple minutes to poach off a little bit. all right, it’s been about five minutes. our salmon should be ready to come outfit oven. now i mentioned i made a poaching cap for this. if downtown have a poaching cap at home, just a piece of tin foil or anything you can cover the pan with to keep the steam in will work just fine. so i’m going to take our salmon filet out and transfer it to a plate. then we’re going to stick this back in theship oven to finish cooking. all right



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