Poached Pear Salad

recipe from the osthoff
we’re making the pear salad which starts with a pomegranate vinaigrette. all the vinaigrettes we use in the restaurant are homemade. so we have a white balsamic vinegar, fresh chives. garlic clove, just crushed. shalt — shalot. once again coarsely choppe. and some dijon mustard to hold everything together soette doesn’t separate on us. we have a nice local wisconsin honey. and then we also have some pomegranate molasses, which is just a reduced pomegranate juice, very strong, very tart. and we’re just going to use this immersion blender. we’ll slowly ad some pure olive oil until that is al emulsified. so once that’s all pureed and emulsified, we’re going to take some organic watercress, which comes on the soil, just going to trim that of. add that to the bowl. watercress is a spicy gren. it’s got a litle peppery bite, so if downtown like that flavor, you can use a regular spring mix. on



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