Pleasing The Pickiest Eaters

Do your kids hate vegetables? Do they whine about the healthy meals you’re serving? We collected advice to help you smooth out the food fight.
to get picky eaters to try different food can turn dinner time into a food fight. to make sure both sides come out winners, today we’ll help you answer a question that can cause a lot of stress for so many families. >> what’s for dinner? >> reporter: yes, that’s the question that creates whole lot of stress for a lot of parents. abc action news photographer frank barrera turned the camera on his own family to show us that even the best eaters can present their own challenges. little zach is happy to eat his spaghetti but does have one request. >> no mushrooms on mine. >> reporter: sister ava doesn’t prefer the sauce, just butter and a few tomatoes. >> [ indistinct ] both healthy, right? >> so frank’s family has some pretty easy challenges that they have to get around but that’s not always the case. tampa bay parenting publisher angela is here to help us introduce our kids to healthy food



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