Plate Party – 9/25/17

Plate Party – 9/25/17
[?] >> joy: all right. what you’re seeing now is some video of an after party at the national restaurant association show. there were lots of those. this one hosted by “plate” magazine. the party offers food and drink from lots of distributors, u.s. foods. there were all sorts of — >> guest: tito’s had a big section. >> joy: the syrups there for the drinks were there. >> tom: there it is. >> joy: you can see how big this was. it was housed in a warehouse in chicago. it was stuffed with people and food. music, desserts, drinks, seafood, socializing, people get together and share ideas about their restaurants and such. it was a great addition for someone who is in the restaurant business. >> guest: yeah, it was really cool. >> joy: it was really cool. and there we are. >> tom: i want to go. >> joy: the photo booth. >> the photo booth. i forgot about that. you want to go? >> tom: to chicag



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