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Friday and the whole weekend. Just spend the weekend at mcdonald’s and while you’re there visit mccafe where you can have a frappe or smoothie, great coffe drink and surf the web. Mcdonald’s is the great place to go for great coffee drinks even drink was no coffee in them all day every day. That is mcdonald’s.nnAll right. If you are a loved one owns a business you need to listen up. The sheriff’s office has a scam to warn you about. That’s why stacy payne joins us this morning from the lee county sheriff’s office. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnThis fraud alert are you going to tell us about is pretty unfortunate. I think if it gets bad enough like this one particular local business, it could essentially put people out of business it is so bad.nnIt is. I mean this is something that one local business owner lost over $30,000 to one hit, one scam. Like you said, with this economy, that coul



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