Planning A Perfect Picnic

Make Sure Your Picnic Checklist Includes The Essential Elements
and you can teach a lesson while it’s fun. >> we are going to let you go because we don’t want the ice cream to melt [laughter] it’s pretty good. i already tasted it. >> or they could become milk shakes. >> happy holiday. >> be sure to motherhood.com for more information. >> we will. to get more information about the segment, log on to our web site. >>> are you in the middle of a credit card juggling act? how to lower your minimum payment and help your credit next on the blend. first, the fox forecast and the wednesday morninged headlines with aimy and jamie. >>> good morning. wii a couple of stories we are keeping an eye on for you today. the space shuttle atlantis about to wrap up the flying career. they are scheduled to land this morning. mission control says rain could interfere which could keep the shuttle in orbit an extra day. as of right now, touchdown is scheduled for 8:48. may



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