Plan A Festive Fourth Of July Celebration

Easy Summer Entertaining TipsnCelebrity Event Planner – Cathy Riva
>>> toast the country and friends and family with a festive fourth of july celebration and keep the fun goigoing all summer long. whether doing it inside, outside or pool side, kathy has easy home entertaining tips and tricking for celebrating the fourth. welcome, kathy. >> hi, thanks for having me. this is so fun. >> you look very festive. i love it. what are your ideas? where do we get started? >> idea number one, keep it simple. you want to enjoy the party and you want your friends to have a really good time. a couple of fun tipses at that mike your party pop are this fourth of july stick with a color theme, red, white and blue but choose one main color, whichever is your favorite. i chose blue for this table and we accented with red and white. choosing one main color unifies the theme and makes your table eye-pleasing for your guests. my next tip is to kind of relieve yourself of a l



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