Plan A Deliciously Decadent Dessert Party

Chef Ron DeSantisChef DeSantis will show you how to pull off an elegant dessert party with ease! Ron will share his expertise on:n• Where to take shortcuts & where to splurgen• Ideas for making delicious show-stopping dessertsn• Menu items include designer cupcakes like the “Red Carpet” and Coconut Pineapple Passion, Pistachio Milk Chocolate and Caramel Apple Spice
Everyone is talking about the big winners of the primetime emmy awards last night and if you’re like me you are probably still wondering what happened to your invitation. But you are next guest say because we weren’t invited doesn’t mean we can’t eat like the star. Here is dish what the stars were eating is chevron santas, good morning.nnGood morning.nnLe big emmys were last night and somethingexciting was the food. We all want to know what they were eating and enjoying. We can do this at home you think?nnYes, we can tell you a lot of it. We did great cupcakes, brownie using an excellent ingredients, duncan hines variety of cake mixes, technique and expertise of the culinary institute of america together mad great brown-butter toffee brownie brownies, pistachio cream brule cupcakes and you have to have soe tip. How do you make the cupcake that much more interesting? We can take apple sau



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