Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven
can make ard i san pizzas in the krt of your own home, i’m with toddes an sherri. and tord is waltzing around with the pizza. >> which i love. >> this is so amazing. >> it is the most exciting thing am we love showing you what is new in the showroom but this has change our lives because it’s a ge monday gram pizza oven for your home. you can make new york style neopoll tan style, between two and six minutes. >> pizza is my favorite. >> yes. >> and you have to get these cool tools. >> oh yeah. >> you do. but it looks so cool in your home. >> it does. there are 1500 degrees of heat coming from the top and six from the bottom. and so it’s an honest to goodness pizza oven like in italy. >> this is truly amazing. i would use this all the time. i would make breakfast pizza dessert pizzas. it’s fun too, they made this bread. you went to tradee joe’s this is already made. >> ready made. >> roll



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