Pizza Hut Bowl

Football keeps them pretty busy on most weekends… but some workers really have to put their game faces on for the mother of all games… the Superbowl. It has the intensity of a major sporting event… Taking delivery and carryout pizza orders is almost as competitive and active as a major sport… but pizza workers here come prepared… with double the staff of a regular Sunday. Even early in the afternoon, you can see the hustle and bustle as the calls come in…and a surplus of orders drive the deliveries out. Workers here say this is one of the top busiest days of the year for them, along with new years… and black friday… but they still get a good taste of the superbowl spirit. (Mary Moss/Asst. Manager) 18:57 “Definitely get the stories from the drivers coming back of all the hoo-hahhing at the houses they go to, more than anything for our drivers, it’s the kids reactions when they come to the door, because that’s the fun part for the kids, the pizza and the food that everybody’s bringing.” Moss says they did have a radio on in the kitchen so they could hear scores too… Nationally, Pizza Hut estimates 1.7 million pizzas went out for the big game.



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