Pizza Deal Of The Days

pizza deal of the days
healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. >> david’s here with what’s going on the entertainment world. >> rapper 50-ct w inot sterday. curtis jackson is suing a fm beau wrkn the connecticut mansion he boughtos60tis more than the quote. he says the original estimate was $44,000. the bill ended up bng $2.7 million. the contractor claims that the original estimate w $500,000, but ended up costing nearly 3 million because he wanted upgrades, like a helicopter pad and a movie theater. >> michael jackson is uetit his concert promoters for booking too many swsn london. his promoters struck a dl for him to do fort more shs. larned that the extra bookings when he woke up one moi a hrd ion the news. he is panicking, saying he is ot psil strong enough for that many shows. he say hsno big eater, and if he doesn’t put on weight, he won’t get through it. >>’v g great lunch special for my deal of the



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