Pink Shell Beach Resort And Spa

The Pink Shell Beach Resort and Spa in the premier beach front property on Fort Myers Beach, offering 3 restaurants, 3 pools, watersports, daily kids activities and world class accommodations.
>>> all right, everybody, from pink shell beach resort and spa it is time to introduce you to executive chef craig. good morning. >> good morning, bill. >> welcome to you. i’m getting a shel phone call on my pink shel phone. they are saying you are also the vice president of the southwest florida chapter of the american culinary federation. congratulations. how did you get that job? >> thank you. basically nobody else wanted it. >> that’s the same way i got this one. i’m happy to tell you that there will be a chili cookoff, the great american chili cokoff, chef craig is orchestrating all this to benefit. >> the harry chapin food bank. >> there it is there. on july 19. i have been asked and i’m honored by you and ellis and bill and all the great folks at pimping shepink shell to be a great judge. >> you are one of five judges. >> that’s nice to know. are you giving ideas out about how to



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