Pineapple Crab Salad

We’re cooking Pineapple Crab Salad in the kitchen with Chef Mike Civali from Fleming’s Steakhouse.
such i a a mature v moice.e speaking of matureki voices, patrick little is in the kiten enwith fleming’s steakhouse. >> for once this week, ben was nice to me in the toss to the kitchen. mike from flem ing’s, goodm toto see you. >> how are you doing todayng? >> you usually do a lot of st leak and not so much on the fish end with you, but we havewe the crab. b. >> we have something diffeverent today. we’re actually going to acbely talking a lot about wine, my food is od secondary, and we are fleming’s prime steakhouse and ea wine bar, so we’ve got our new fleming’s 100 that’s going to beoi coming out, new 100 wines by the glass and we’re going to focus on that. what i’m going tooi doo is makes this isbeautifulfu summer pineapple crab salad, that complementsts one of our wines really well. llel it’s one of those recipes, onceec you make thehe recipes, y ou can add one or two ingredients an



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