Pignolia Cookies & Coconut Macaroons

Betty Ann Donegan and her daughter Stephanie Dietz make holiday cookies.
dynamic mother and daughter cooking duo, bettyo, an and stephanie, they are cooking instructors and have many studen ts that rave about their chances and we’re hoping this mornin g you will be inspired, asi well. ladies, welcome to the show. great to have you. >> thank you. >> they are the dynamic duo, trust me when i tee ll you that some ofso dynamic, we’re make wog recipes, not ocine. cookies? >> macaroons and cookn res. >> you’re walking us through the macaroons. i will take my jewelry of right now. >> not that manyn ingredients. >> walk us through what you need to get the macaroons started. r >> 14-ounces of coconut. four o unces ofof while flour. o egg whites. >> how manyow egg whites?i >> this is three but you may need four. one thing with christmas cookies and holiday baking is the weather will determine how much liquid you need in a lot of recipes so we will start with three and



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