Pier Restaurant Clam Chowder & Sangria

We’re cooking Clam Chowder and Rohner’s Secret Sangria with Executive Chef Kevin Gaudreau of The Pier Restaurant.
so much , court. .let’s head over to the kitchen right now. patrick.k. >> kevin gaudreau from the g pier restaurant. they caught me on cameraghetting up a littleit too early, lasty, time i got so excited to come in here and see you. how have you been? >> good. >> you ‘re making a could youin derry district. >> a little new england clam chowder. >> a little heavy cream, we use — or milk, whichever you prefer, clam, juice, celery, onion and potatoes.s. i use panchetta in mine. i’ll explain w hy in the cooking process. toasted corn, celery seed, salary salt and dill weed, we that’s what it makes to make a niceni chowder. c er >> >> smells so good already.s what do we have in tathewe pan? >> this>> is butter i havete melting down and we’re going tore make ae rue, which ise, butter, flour mixed mi together, a tightening agent. ag >> i’ve never seen the cl nam chowder, i eat it at your restau



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