Pie Fight: Frisch’s Or Busken?

Pie fight: Frisch’s or Busken?
underway between two cincinnati institutions. competition for the city’s best pumpkin pie is always heated but the rivalry is heating up with the clever location of a billboard. 9-news reporter larry shields is live with the two the dispute to explain how it happened.larry? every year people test and debate the best pumpkin pie. this year the fight for the city’s best pie is getting personal.imagine the suprise for the busken family when they saw this huge go up practically on the side of their main bakery in hyde park.the frisch’s “hello pumpkin” campaign started at the beginning of the month.at the time… busken’ bakery already had a sign advertising schnecken… but knew right away they had to fire back. they print their reply: “that’s mr. pumpkin to you big boy.”we asked frisch’s if this was planed or a coincidence. “we bought a buy of outdoor billboards our markets and one of them



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