Pie Crust

pie crust recipe
to make a pie crust today. hopefully try it yourself and practice because it is a lot of fun. this pie crust starts with the flour and salt in a nice big bowl. this recipe uses both shortening and butter. i will add the butter. this uses six tablespoon of real butter. and then three tablespoon of shortening. and then i need to cut this into the flour mixture. this is what is really important. i use a pastry blender for this. the trick is to end up with pieces of butter in this mixture that are the size of peas. the next step is to mix in the liquid. so you want to typically start in one corner, add a little bit, incorporate it, add some more, and this liquid is knots the usual just cold water. this has egg and lemon juice and water, and then we can finish up with ice water. wherever there is dry flour, add a little more water. you know you’ve added enough water when you no longer have an



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