Picnic Food

Picnic food
your lucky day. it’s spring. we are going on a picnic. >> what’s up with this shirt? >> who wants hot mayo on a hot summer day? >> no one. i’m not a big mayonnaise fany way. none of these have mayonnaise? >> no. they’ll all be clean, crisp, fun. picnics are supposed to be all day when you’re trying to escape the city. we’ll start with coleslaw, some chopped celery. >> this is going to be healthy. >> some chopped green onions. >> ok. >> of course some chopped pickles. now, of course you know i’m a big pickle freak, too. oh, yeah. i use lots of pickles because they’re crunchy, delicious. they’re actually healthy. so i’ve got my kosher dils here. i’ll chop up a couple for you. >> how many pickles do you want in there? >> 17. >> and a half. >> pickles, cucumbers, they’re healthy. i’m a big fan of the pickle. here’s where the crispiness stays in. right? italian dressing. right? >> ok. >> and



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