Picky Eaters May Actually Have An Eating Disorder

We all know kids who won’t eat their vegetables. But, what about when that finicky eating carries on into adulthood? Is it just a matter of personal taste or an actual eating disorder that needs treatment?
Many kids won’t eat their vegetables but what does it mean when that finishing eating goes into adulthood? They are launching a new registry to find out.nnReporter: when stephanie was a child she would only eat white food.nnCream of wheat and cottage cheese and noodles anything that was bland and white they say that is what i would eat and nothing else.nnReporter: as an adult she add a lot of new foods but there are entire food groups she will not touch. That can make it difficult when ordering a meal.nnI am kind of like sally in when harry met salad. I want this and this but not that. That can get tiring sometimes.nnReporter: now, highly restricted diets may be a form of an eaty disorderrer. Even though they are not concerned about weight. The dietician says the limited food choices can interfere with their social life.nnMany people avoid social intersections, dinners, panic going to we



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