PGA Tour Wives Assoc

The PGA Tour Wives Association is at the Travelers Championship.
prepping for the game of a lifetime. here to share thaheir secrets ine the kitchen and more about theab work this wonderful orgafunization is done and the wonderful work happening at the travelers championship, i have athena perez an d matt bordonaro.ro >>>> hi, how are you. >> fabulous, thank you so much for being here into thanks for having us. >> set it up, what are we making today? >> chicken enchiladas, a simple recipe we can throw togethoer ater home or on t ohe roahed, very simple. mp>> this is something you have to get for your husband when you’re on the go. >> yes. my husband, pats perez, we love the mexican food. >> i love itov to. let’s go ahead and get it starte d. while we’re getting it star ted, ted talk about the ingredients. >> really simple, sour cream,ra cream of chicken soup, two cans,s some cheese, shredded chicken, some milk, sauce, taco seasoning and olives. >> a nd



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