Pete The Planner

This guy is amount more than just numbers
beautiful, always by design. >>> we want to remind you always beautiful, always by design. that our beautiful kitchen coming up, we’ll find out came us to what’s ‘pretty in indy’…stick around by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. >>> here we are are with pete the planner. >> hello. >> wow! >> very exciting. i’ll not talking money today, but i am talking money. >> it’s good to get you out and and show your creative side. >> this is quite a pleasure for me because my biggest pleasure is cooking for my wife and my daughter, and sharing this with you, not that you are my wife or my daughteraly to i could be your father, today we could be an economical meal. everything i’m making today will cost less than $1 per serving which is good for your pocketbook and not only, that but i like to eat really well. i like really refined flavors and everything you have today, you wil



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