Pesce Bianco Al Cartoccio

Today we’re cooking Pesce Bianco al Cartoccio (White Fish Baked in Parchment Paper) with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
page at foxprovidence.com. but right now, we’rew,re going to toss i t over to you patrick. what’s on the men hugh today. >> mr. skwrao: gonagra fate from camille’s, joe zito and hi zss good friend deanri martin over there, had aad yankee cap on before. >> we want to present this thousand. welcome to “the rhode show.” this is from john and i. >> j oe, that’s great. i’m going to put this over in the 0 en. that’s real hot that. >> all right. what are we m aaking.e >> the fire department might been getting a call.. >> i’m going tgo try to say this in italian. it’s my second weeitk on the job, i don’t want it to be my last week. >> red hot. >> what are we making.g. >> it’s pesce pescebianco al cartoccio cart, a white fish baked b in parchment paper.pe >> it’s a one shot deal, where what you do is you take the fish, put it in then parchment paper, dress it with san marzanoar toe mates, i like



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