Pescado A Lo Macho

We’re cooking Pescado A Lo Macho with Chef Omarcuri from Los Andes.
thanks so much, s melissa. let’s head overle to t the kitchen with the alwayths friendless, ,patrick little. >> omarchuri is hear from lows los-andes. an what are we making. g.>> >> we’re startingrt off with a fried tilapia,a, we’re going to have squid, shrimpve,id, mussels, and the main ingredien mtsre today, a t traditional hotl pep terms of temperatures from peru. >> that’s a ht’ot — >> simmer s it down and deglaze it with the white wine, we have a fried potato,d a pnd we’re going to top it off withh cilantro,an sautee it with diced tomatoes andes onions and we’re going to use it i in the sauce. s >> that’s the pepper, right there, the hot h pepper? i took t a big bite out of it. >> the actual pepper itself isit not too t spicey, but the seeds is what gets you. >> i’m going to snacngk on this t while we waite for the next –t you wouldn’t advise that. >> no, i w>>ouldn’t.out. >> then



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