Peruvian-inspired Chowder

Peruvian-inspired chowder
we’ve got tips from parents and profession neals — professionals toget your kids to mind their manners. >>> after a big win on “the next iron chef,” years perfecting well-known signature latin cooking styles, he’s also the executive chef and owner of six restaurants. today jose is preparing some chowder for us. >> a litle peruvian-inspired chowder. >> first, congratulations. when they said you were the winner, what did that feel like? >> it was truly a life-changing moment. i was very humbled, and i was just in awe of the whole experience. >> right. it was a crazy, crazy experience, a lot of anxiety and distress going into the whole thing. you kept cool the whole time. >> you’ve got to stay focused under all those circumstances. >> how did you keep your calm? >> i think i was just focused on the prize, which was to become the next iron chef. i knew, in order to do that, i had to keep my



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