Persimmons Festival

Persimmons festival
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by describe, always beautiful, always by design. >>> we are talking about the persimmons festal. we have yancy and vicki. hi, guys. >> nice to be here. >> you didn’t know there was a festival? >> persimmons. maybe everybody knows what it is. i’ve never heard of it before. >> i heard of it and never seen it applied the way iyancy is applying it. >> people think of oriental style persimmon, which is bigger. this is american persimmon. throughout the united states, there’s these persimmons. it’s a very astringent fruit actually. if you picked it off the tree and ate it, it would give you a pucker feeling like eating a banana feel. >> not good. >> way to sell a persimmon. how would you use this and process it? >> first, you have to harvest it. you have to let it fall to the ground. some people use nets to catch it. you have to fight the birds and d de



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