Perishable Food Pkg

Perishable Food Pkg
cl22news reporter shane symolon says many are trying to fiy gure out what foods are safe to eat, and what to toss out. william rokosz says when he kocame home tcahursday the lights were out. and his fridge was off. when power finally came back on o the food in his freezer, was no good. “two boxes of steaks, shriesmp chicken, pork chops, anything you can imagine people keep in their freezers. between anee . upstairs and downstairs fridge rokosz says he could have lost almost 500 dollars worth of food. the hardest part was trying to figu re out waht was good. brenda bouillette with the red cross says there’s a couple rules to follow. 48 hours in a 8 full freezer and your fine. er24 hours for half a freezer. but if your items l oose their ice cecrystals. “if its thawed and plyable and mushy, that means its thawed and if you put a thermometer in it and its over 40, get rid of it. bouillette



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