Peppermint Fudge Pie

Peppermint Fudge Pie
gorgeous and it tastes even better. it’s a classic combination of flavors with the rich chocolate and the cool peppermint. first up is the chocolate crumb crust. pre-heat your oven to 375. then take your spring form pan and coat with nonstick cooking spray. here i have a cup of crushed vanilla waivers. about 22 cookies. and pod erred — powder sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder. to that i add butter. mix this all together until everything is combined. all of the cripples are moistened. want to get everything nicely incorporated together. when you get that completely incorporated you’re ready to pat it into your spring for pan. — spring form pan. use the flat bottom of a measuring cup to pack it in and even it out. bake for about seven to eight minutes. when it comes outlet it completely cool. now work on your fudge sauce. in this pan i have some sugar, evaporated milk, butter and unswee



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