Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles

Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles
in. here to show us how, welcome nutritional consultant, janet, thank you for being here. >> so good too see you here. welcome to my kitchen. it is technically my kitchen by i’ll allow you to cook in this today. we have a great recipe who most of us think pasta, we don’t think of whole grain healthy. >> it is pennsylvania dutch’s new good source of whole grain pasta ribbons, or noodles, one in the same, but the bottom line is they taste fabulous and good for you. great source of fiber and whole grains are very low in fat so it is good for your cardiovascular system. we need fiber every day so this is a great source of that. >> preparation has a lot to do with it, how you prepare the pasta, incorporate a lot a lot of vegetables. >> i will put to you work. >> in my kitchen. okay. this is a country home style ham and noodles dish. >> that so you believeds good. >> we use a lot of vegetables



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