Penne With Chicken And Pink Vodka Sauce

We’re cooking Penne with Chicken and Pink Vodka Sauce with Steven Costa of Steven’s Catering.
sweater. >> that’s pretty cool, courtney. let’s head over to the kitchen. vince, what do you have cooking? >> we have penne. >> penne with chicken and pink vodka sauce. >> this is steven costas and i asked him, i said, have you got a little extra and he said i’ve already been warned to make a lot, because the hyienas come in here, so that’s great. temperature us a little bit about what you’re going to cook here and what you’re going to make. >> first we start with the garlic, we sautee with chicken. >> we’ve been smelling the garlic all the time. >> that’s what they keep saying. then we add tomato sauce, heavy cream and cheese, a couple of spices, hot sauce. >> a little hot sauce. >> now that’s something a little different. we haven’t had vodka penne with the hot sauce. >> that’s because i’m portuguese. >> there you go. put your own little touch in there. this is all going to go in the p



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