Penasco Del Sol Hotel

Hotel Peñasco Del Sol is a lush, tropical playground surrounded by gorgeous beaches and spectacular ocean vistas. Located in sun-splashed Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, it’s the only beachfront hotel within walking distance of downtown atrractions, restaurants and nightlife.
>> well, if you could use a gettaday with, what about a place that has a sparkling swimming boom, a bar with ocean views and great cuisine. >> you can find it not too far from tu sochbl here to tell us more about the penasco del sol hotel is lori silva. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> it’s located in rocky point, mexico, which is about three.5 to 4 hours drive from tucson. it’s a beachfront property. we have over 10,000 square foot bank wet space where we do a lot of great events there, ocean view. the property has recently been remodeled, which is a $15 million renovation. >> oh, nice. >> all new rooms, new pool, boom, cabanas, swim-up bar. restaurant on site. coffee shop on site. okay. >> i’m sold. >> aside from what you already mentioned, what makes it the most popular hole? >> i think the locate. we are right at the beginning of sandy beach. so the beach is right in the back and that



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